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   Portrait photo by Roger Anderson

   My interest lies in abstract figurative sculpture using the lost wax bronze casting method.  The human body holds such universal identification, complexity and mystery.  Attitudes, emotions and spirit can be depicted through gestural form.  Personal relationships, self-portraits, or popular myth hold my fascination. 
   My sculptures range from small tabletop gesture studies to life-size abstractions, unique one-of-a-kind casts to limited edition works of seven or twelve.  This website represents only a small introduction to my portfolio, as I hesitate to put between 400 and 500 works out there in cyberspace. I am very fortunate that the majority of my sculptures have sold (including drawings and paintings) and they are now in private art collections in numerous countries.

Parted II
Parted II

Moore & Barnett
"Studies of the Human Figure - Henry Moore and Cheryl Barnett" exhibition,
Eleonore Austerer Gallery, Palm Desert, 2004

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