ABOUT:   The Ekasake Sculpture Garden & Gallery

Displaying my art collection plus works by friends & former students.

2013 - Dedicated to friends...

"Ekasake" is dedicated to the memory of Toni & Gordy Ekas, dear friends who lovingly redesigned this 1930 property while they lived here from 2000 to 2012 and have since passed.  They invented a palindrome (which is spelled the same forward or backward) for their email address.  

With a second building in the back...

In 2003, the Ekas' built a second home, art studio, garage, and carport in the back half of the property for Toni's Mom, Mirium. By 2010 & 2012, Toni and then Mirium had passed, so in 2013 Gordy made me an offer too good to pass up - to trade two properties in exchange for this beautiful place. So in 2013, Dad & I traded our two separate homes and moved. 

A entryway sunroom displays multiple sculptures...

This beautiful home and garden is a wonderful showcase for displaying sculptures and art - both indoors and out. 

Living in a glas​s house...

Numerous windows illuminate the home and look out to multiple views of the sculpture garden.  

Every niche is designed to showcase art...

 September (AP & #3/3) and Study of Laura II (AP & #12/12) with Gesture Sketch #19

Rain Charmer adorns the dining room


One Acre Sculpture Garden

The Ekasake Sculpture Garden & Gallery is open by appointment.

Multiple works adorn the acre property displaying early steel sculptures from graduate work to newer pieces. 

Buddha Frog

"Sometimes one needs to play - not take oneself too serious. When I hit a creative block with my fine art,  I will let go by sculpting something light-hearted, such as my cat, dog, a frog or just something for fun."

Many of the playful pieces were created as class demonstrations while teaching for 35 years at Merced College.  The majority of these pieces are in clay, cast bronze, or mixed media.


Funky Frog - clay

Self-Portrait as Sun & Moon - bronze

Calder's Cat & Abstract Frog - bronze


Lynn Morrison, Heavenly Visitor, cast bronze

David Medley, steel

Wayne Kirby, steel

Plus other numerous works by various friends.

- Open to the Public by Appointment -

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