Sculpture Gallery - Portfolio of Works Available

These are works that are currently available or limited edition copies 

that are ready for commission upon request.

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Vessel of the Innocents V

Unique Cast Bronze

7'10"Hx 2'2"W x 1'3"D

approx. 150 lbs.  

A life-size figure holding a down-turned vase on her hip

stands next to a large tree.


Vessel of the Innocents IV

Here the figure holds a trident shape 

with an open spiral vessel (symbolizing infinity) at her feet.

Unique Cast Bronze

79" x 20" x 12"

Vessel of the Innocents III

Unique Cast Bronze

79" x 27" x 12"

This work was commissioned into 2 smaller versions for clients.

See below -

A smaller variation of "Vessel of the Innocents III" Renamed "Garden Parasol II" - Sold  

Unique Cast Bronze

4'10" x 1'9" x 12"

This piece was purchased for the Merced College Learning Resource Center by Dr. Susan Walsh to commemorate her many decades of service to Merced College and our two retirements.

"Vessel of the Innocents" series was inspired by

"Fountain of the Innocents" 

- Marble Reliefs by Jean Goujon - 1548

My series "Vessel of the Innocents" was inspired by 4 marble nymph reliefs by Jean Goujon, 1548,  from a dismantled work in the courtyard facade at the Louvre Art Museum in Paris titled "Fountain of the Innocents"The classical beauty and the contrapposto S-curve of their forms captured my admiration. 

Rain Charmer

Unique Cast Bronze

5'3" x 1'4" x 10"

Rain Charmer is currently in the Artist's Collection 

as I plan to reproduce both smaller and 

larger versions for edition copies.

Solitary Vessel

Limited Edition of 7 

 17.5" x 10" x 5"

The figure is symbolic of a vessel that appears partially hidden by an imaginary wall - yet the cast shadow on the floor completes the other half of the vase that is obscured from our vision.

Pandora's Puzzle

Unique Cast Bronze 

27" x 10.5" x 4"

The Greek myth of Pandora addresses the question of why is evil in the world - which is a puzzle.  Pandora, which means "the giver of all",  was the first mortal woman on earth who was created by the Gods who adorned her with beauty, boldness and cunning.  Here Pandora stands on a puzzle with another puzzle hovering over her head like a cloud.  Her curiosity later leads her to open a wedding gift, a jar from Zeus, that release all miseries upon the world that would torment mortals, but she closes it quickly before "hope" can escape.

Window of the Night

Limited Edition of 7

35"H x 25"W x 7"D

Next in the edition available upon request.

In my first home, my studio was a large room upstairs on the second story. Often at night at the end of my day, I would ascend the stairs to ponder my new artworks and view the night sky out my window. Here I wanted to create the perspective of distance, with the illusion of the larger figure in the foreground appearing closer, as the smaller figure climbing the stairs visually drops back into the distance.


A Breath Between Us

Edition of 7

35.5" x 14" x 4.5"

Next in edition available upon request.

A couple stands strong, bonded by the 

strength of their love and commitment

 as a soft breeze floats in the air between them.


Unique Cast Bronze

16" x 4.5" x 4.5"

This is another variation using the small figure 

from Window of the Night

A Breath Between Us III

Unique Cast Bronze 

15" x 5.5" x 4.5"

This couple stands side-by-side adorned in their kimonos.

A Breath Between Us II

Unique cast bronze 

13"H x 6"W x 3"D

For every one work that gets cast into bronze, another nine waxes go back into the melting pot to be resculpted. Occasionally, a piece without much merit refuses to go back into the pot.  Yet, a client will fall in love with that particular piece - so to each his own.  I try not to be too overly critical of some works and choose to concentrate on productivity instead.

Cast Shadow #1

Unique Cast Bronze

15.5' x 13.5" x 3.5"

In this series, the base became a reflection of the figure's shadow.  

back view -

The back of the figure's coat has a large X in the design 

that appears in the negative space of the cast shadow.

A few edition copies are still available from The Months Series

In the mid-1980's I was inspired by the history of the calendar months as they evolved from classical Greek mythology.


Limited Edition of 7

32" x 14" x 3"

May leans against a doorway like a seductive geisha girl and represents Maia the goddess of spring, meaning the great one.


Limited edition of 3

30.5" x 6.5" x 3"

September, one of my favorites, stands at the crossroads of fall 

and in Latin means the "seventh" month as the original calendar had only 10 months.


Limited Edition of 7

36" x 14" x 3"

October maintians her strength and poise, although she is a broken fragmented vessel.  She looks like an ancient verdigris bronze artifact excavated from the bottom of the ocean.  October is Latin for the "eigth" month, when the Greek calendar had only 10 months.

Cast Shadow #4

Unique Cast Bronze

22" x 8" x 5"

There are more bronze works available at the Sculpture Garden & Gallery.

Clay and steel sculptures are not shown here.

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